Find what you need with crowd sourced information.

InStockMap is a free non-revenue generating web application aimed at helping people find in demand items through crowd sourced inventory data. The application works similar to GPS mobile applications road conditions reporting tools. Users can create an account and add items available at their current location. Other users can then verify this item is still in stock or mark the item as no longer available. The application loads the map view with your current position and displays the items added by users near you, allowing you to plan where you are going based on user reported data and not just driving around hoping to find what you need.

This application depends on users adding items and reporting if they are still available, without this there is no data. With that in mind InStockMap will never do the following things:

We truly believe this tool can be a great resource in areas where items are in high demand and hard to find. That is why we want to make sure you, the user, knows that we will not be using your data for our benefit.

Why do we need location permissions? This allows us to get location coordinates from your device and attach those coordinates to an item. Without this ability we would have to make a paid request to turn an address into coordinates. To ensure this application can remain non-revenue generating we decided to only allow items to be added using coordinates requested from the device you are using. Again, we do not track or store any location data outside of items added as availabe.

What is the cookie added when I sign in to my account? This is a session token used to tell our application you are logged in already when you visit our homepage. This keeps you from having to log back in every time you revisit our application. To remove this cookie just use the log out link when leaving the application.

Thank you for considering InStockMap, we hope you will find this tool helpful.